Cortisone Shots for Severe Cases of Acne

There are different levels of acne. Some are light while some are severe. Light to moderate acne can typically be treated with over-the-counter acne products. Some high moderate to low severe acne is treated with light therapy and microdermabrasion. The most severe cases of acne are treatment with medication or injections. Injections are often times the more invasive.

Cysts and nodules usually come with the most severe forms of acne. They form deep beneath the skin making them harder to treat and raises the likelihood of scaring. Lesions of this magnitude are not easily hidden and often times tender and inflamed. Cortisone shots have been seen effective in temporarily treating cysts and nodules. The cortisone shot helps to reduce inflammation of the lesion. It is also effective against scars. Cortisone shots can be done on a as-needed basis.

Cortisone is a natural chemical already in the body; so it is not foreign. It is released in response to inflaming tissue or organs. It is unfortunately slow working and often times does not meet the needs of the body; hence why injecting it would work. Doctors use it frequently for multiple other types of cases. For acne, lesions could begin to diminish is size and visibility within minutes of treatment.

Keep in mind that a cortisone shot is sometimes painful. For this your doctor can use a topical anesthetic to numb the site of injection. Side effects are rare and mild. Most common is temporary pain and a white spot at the injection site. These are non-fatal and will go away. Be sure to communicate with your dermatologist if any burning or itching occurs.

A dermatologist can give you one of these in his or her office. They will first examine you to ensure that you are the right candidate for this type of treatment and does proactive really work. Also know that cortisone shots are not meant for prevention of cysts and nodulCortisone Shots for Severe Cases of Acne.

They simply treat in the short-term. If an extreme case of cysts and nodules are present, your dermatologist may recommend a different type of treatment method.

Although there are no concrete preventative measures, the same as with less severe forms of acne will be good enough. Keep the face and hands clean, limit the hands touching the face, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, and do not pick, scratch, or pop acne lesions. This can make the acne worse and cause scarring.